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PT. MULIA ASLI - Authorized Distributor for Spray Nozzles in General & Argo Industry Technical Engineering – General Trade

Company Profile :

From 1997, CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD has been formed R&D, production and sales of high tech company network integration. Our company is divided into Dongguan production base (headquarters) for nozzle production and Foshan production base for range hoods filter production base.

We are offering over 3900 kinds of nozzles and monthly output up to 50 thousand pieces with 6,000 customers all aver the world . CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD has Japanese automatic CNC lathes(precision<=2μ) and measurement systems for the nozzle follow,angle,impact, force,water distribution ,particle size ,etc. Detection accuracy are reached international level that we can supply a god quality products to our customers.cyco

You can choose engineering-polypropylene, ceramics, alloy, imported SS303, SS304 or SS316 stainless steel accord the environmental conditions. Our engineers will provided fast technical fast support accord your special requirement.

CYCOSPRAY’S products are widely used in coating, electroplating, electronic, steel, environmental protection and dust removal, purification, paper making, textile industry, food, vehicles, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, paper making, ship making , humidifying, disinfection, cleaning, etc.

Foshan production base has a group of professionals implementation of research ´╝îdevelopment, production and sales.Tianlun(TL) series range hoods filter fall into seven categories: Range hoods of European style, range hoods of China style filter , SS groove filter , Active carbon filter, Disposable aluminum filter, Honeycomb filter , Integration filter. All range hoods filter he products have applied for a UL safety certification and complied with the EU ROHS Directive.

CY spraying & purification tech. CO., LTD been audited by Britain ISO9001& ISO14001, SGS and environmental certificate .All products have been exported to Europe, America, and southeast Asia. It We are had become industrial nozzle and range hoods filter professional manufacturers in china.


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